Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Inaugural Fremont Fat Ass 50K

I've seen Fat Ass 50K/50M on Thuesday event page for years and I am eager to experience such a venue. However, I've never had a chance to do it since the event is held at Saratoga Gap and it's quite a long way for me to drive from Fremont. During two training runs over Ohlone Wilderness trail a few months ago, I heard Catra Corbett and Jerry Roninger mention a new ultrarunning event in Fremont. It turns out that we'll have a Fat Ass right in my town - Fremont Fat Ass 50K!

On 1/27 (Sat), runners start at 8am from Quarry Lakes and run on the 11 mile Alameda Creek Trail out and back between historic Niles and Coyote Hills. The finish will be at Quarry Lakes, where you may continue to do swimming (cold but check if it's open) and fishing (go get a license)!

The race director is the veteran ultrarunner Mike Palmer (also a poet perhaps like my friend Rajeev Patel - The Poetic Runner). I heard the co-RD is Catra Corbett famous for her collecting tatoos and running weekly 100 milers. I will expect to see many ultrarunning friends.

I'm quite familiar with the trail and pretty much know every mile mark (actually marked every half mile) because I used to do my road race training over there. It is a 10 ft wide flat bike path that you'll see hills and bay, highway and railroads, city streets and creek canals, houses and wildlife, migrating fowls and active people, horsetails and varieties of berry shrubs. The run is self-supported, but it passes a few community parks every 3-4 miles, where there are water fountains and bathrooms. However, it seems that there can be aid stations set up by volunteers.

I plan to do it as a training run for endurance. I'd like to run 6 miles from my home to Quarry Lakes, finish the 50K, and run 6 miles back home afterwards. The last stretch of running home will be a tough time for me. Hopefully, my 8 year old son will be able to ride a bike with me. We have enjoyed such a bike-run exercise for a few times! With Nathan's comany, I should be able to make it home. Overall, this will be a nice 43 mile training run for me - a warm up for coming ultra's. I'm looking forward to it.

If anyone wants more details, contact Mike Palmer or Catra Corbett. I can also have you be added in the email loop. Nevertheless, people can just show up and run it.

Btw, It's free and social!


Tiny Seal said...

Good luck at the Fat Ass! Let us know how it goes. If the weather is going to be the way it is today, you wouldnt need any water stations :-)

Hats off to Mike Palmer and Catra for organizing this. Cant believe Catra is doing the 50k while on a cleanse routine!

Scott Dunlap said...

Can't wait to hear your report! Catra must be wearing off on you if you're adding 6 miles to the start and finish. ;-)

Have a great time!


David Wright said...

I stumbled across your site while looking to see if Mike had posted finishing times.

You're just too fast for me...

I'm thinking about doing Ruth Anderson (50m version), but it may be too close to AR for me.

Dave Wright
AR 50 (april)
Miwok 100K (may)
Ohlone 50k (may)