Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mission Peak Repeats 12hr (Training for Barkley, etc)

Date: 7pm, Feburary 26, 2009

Just came back down from Mission Peak while waiting for my son in the writing class nearby. I'm thinking about doing Mission Peak repeats some time. Each repeat is 6.5 miles out-and-back with 2500ft straight up and down.

PointElevationChangeTo NextMileage
Peak Meadow junc1460ft+480ft0.65M1.79M
Peak Tr. junc1940ft+90ft0.30M2.44M
Eagle Tr. Junc2030ft+487ft0.51M2.74M
Mission Peak2517ft


1. It will be mostly at night, so you won't miss work or miss less from family.
2. We'll park on the streets about 1/4 mile down from the trailhead to avoid possible vandalism.
3. We'll use the main trail instead of the Ohlone 50K course. The main trail is wide and obvious, while we don't want to disturb cows mostly resting at the Ohlone 50K course, where you know has more dung.
4. If your company has shower, we can start from the time after work and finish at some time next day when heading to work.
5. Your car will be the AS on your visit every time, or can cache a ice chest near the trailhead.
6. There is a water fountain and a restroom at the trailhead.
7. Do as many repeats as you want.
8. I plan to do this at the end of Feb or Early March because I'd like to have our Barkley Alan lead us for his training run. I know this is not as steep as Barkley Marathon, but this is the steepest trail I know nearby.

These are just some rough ideas when I plan to do some training on my quads and legs. Anyone interested? Or any other suggestions?

Now I need to do more hills so I can do more repeats then.

Comments from Ultraholics emails

Endurazone Alan plans to join

Wow - with all these people volunteering to flog me I am overwhelmed by the love! Must be "beat the sh!! out of your favorite attorney week".

MountainMan Steve - plans to join to train for Coyote Two Moon

"a little piece of single track off the Peak Meadow trail that goes up 456ft in just a quarter mile. ... to practice a 35% grade, its a good place for some repeats." and "some swatches when he trims my rose bushes." to "whack him (Alan) about the body with the thorn-covered branches. "

Can park at Steve's driveway (3.25 miles away) and run or carpool to trailhead. If running there, I can help by taking all drop bags to the trailhead.

Martin Casado plans to join.

Outdoorzone Anil plans to join

Dirt Runner Bill Cotton from Monterey plans to join.

Running and Rambling Donald from Carmel plans to join.

The Poetic Runner Rajeev will start late.

Bob Becker - Can't find such steep hills in S. Florida

Ultrailnaka Mark not sure due to work schedule, but who knows.

"And everyone has to run to work. Doesn't anyone have to stay awake when they work?"

Farther Faster Jean won't join but plan to do it in May.

"Only you, Mark, in case someone gets in trouble and needs a visit to ER. In which case YOU have to stay awake, PLEASE!!! =:-o"