Monday, January 21, 2008

Ultrailrunning 2008 Ultra Costly (keep counting)

I'm glad that one truth still holds - the cost per mile in an ultra is less expensive than a road race. However, I have to admit that the cost of running ultra's is no longer ignorable that I thought before. As I participate longer distance of a race and the more number of races in a year, the yearly cost in races climbs up a lot.

Besides, running a race outside California incurs a great amount in traveling. It turns out that the total cost for a cheaper Eastern 100 milers makes me appreciate the once-complained $300 high application fee for the Western States 100M within 4 fours of driving.

Anyway, taking the "rare" opportunity of running Western States 100M this year for my first time, I decided to pursue the so-called Grand Slam and Last Great Race, which have a lot of out of CA races. I think this year will definitely set the record for expense in doing races, so I put down the expenses in this post. It's really painful with my wallet!

2008 Grand Slam
Entry Fee$80$80
01/05 Epiphany 50K
01/26 Fremont Fat Ass 43M
03/21 Coyote Two Moon 100M
Entry Fee$225$225
04/05 American River 50M
Entry Fee$95$95
04/12 Diablo 50M
Entry Fee$85$85
04/19 Ruth Anderson 100M
Entry Fee$40$40
05/03 Miwok 100K
Entry Fee$107$107
05/10 Quicksilver 50M
Entry Fee$65$65
05/18 Ohlone 100M
Entry Fee$75$75
06/07 Old Dominion 100M
Entry Fee$135$551
Car rental$76
06/28 Western States 100M
Entry Fee$300$500
Thu Hotel$86
Fri Hotel$104
07/19 Vermont 100M
Entry Fee$200$722
Car Rental$146
08/16 Leadville 100M
Entry Fee$215$554

Car Rental$108
Leadville Hostel
08/23 Cascade Crest 100M
Entry Fee$195$370
Car Rental (3 Days)$84
09/06 Wasatch Front 100M
Entry Fee$150$328
09/13 Angeles Crest 100M
Entry Fee$190$190
Car Rental (4 days)$94
09/27 Rio Del Lago 100M
Entry Fee$225
10/04 Arkansas Traveler 100M
Entry Fee$145
Airfare (OKC)$196
Car Rental (3 days)$55
10/11 Firetrails 100M
Entry Fee$85$85
11/08 Pinhoti 100M
Entry Fee (+ shuttle bus)
Airfare (BHM)
Car Rental (2 days)$48
Forthcoming / Paid Grand Total$5,310$4,070

I feel very guilty spending so much. I hope I can finish my goals this year and make up in future for what my family have sacrificed for me. I'm thinking to break my rule by looking for any chance to get sponsored though the success is very low.

[added 08/02/13]
No way! Forget about the money thing. Just go out and have fun. This is a great chance to see the country!

Removed the sponsorship words from the title.


Donald said...

I hear you, dude. This sport is getting pricey. Good luck with getting a sponsorship.

Who is SLB+? said...

You right about road vs trail dollars but from the level of a newbie running in some of the smaller races the cost is still daunting! You've got a great year lined up, good luck!

hao said...

hi chihping,

that's a lot of races this year. :) good luck with sponsorship. you can try some local businesses like outdoor companies and such since the trail runs are so much related to what they do. i think the application is still open for team polar. i'm sure they'd love to have someone that's as crazy about endurance events as you. :)



Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have forgot about looking for the doomed-to-fail sponsorship.

I'll go back to my discipline. Without any commit to other profit-taking business, I can run with freedom and have the most fun by carefully not getting injured.

olga said...

man, why did you do that? I am trying to hide form bold numbers!!!
For VT100 you can camp for free at the start field. For LT - Hostel is (was) $10/n. I never even thoguht about looking for sponsors to cover cost, though lately I've been hearing more and more about it been done, for just about normal people. Try it and let me know if it happens!

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Thanks Olga. I have put aside the sponsorship and money things.

Hope to see you at trails and "talk more" with you.


Jamie said...

Great race schedule, best wishes. I'm jealous you get to do so many! I'll be at WS and VT also. I second Olga's recommendation about camping at VT, if you haven't done that before. It's great to be right there, and you can't beat the price (free!).


Ryan Lauck said...

Hi There! You might not remember me, but we passed each other a lot at Wasatch last year. I'm running again this year and I live in Salt Lake City now, so I should be able to help you out with a place to stay the night before the race this year (or at least a warm couch so you dont have to sleep at the starting line!)

-Ryan Lauck

Alan said...


It is so true. And the fact that we have picked many out of state races this year makes it worse. Thankfully the strong dollar will help me save money at the Ultra Tour Du Mont Blanc :(

Hey - if you want, we can try sharing some costs at Leadville and Wasatch. Let me know.

Team Hoffman said...

We enjoyed suffering with your at Diablo 50. Thanks for the great pics that capture the essence of the day. Not sure why it did not look so hot. You are the ultra terminator doing the "Multi Slams"! We look forward to run/see you at Miwok!