Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Luck on 5/10 - PCTR Lake Merritt and Quicksilver

PCTR Lake Merritt

Courtesy of PCTR

Ron Duncan - possibly win the 6hr, going north from his place , while I'm traveling south tomorrow. Will we see each other on I-880? There is a Webcast

Quicksilver - The number of race entrants is at new high (314 last night!), but the race is not yet closed. Please keep coming over. Today is the last chance because there is no race day registration.

Courtesy of Quicksilver

Adam Blum (Course-Trained) - one of his weekly races,

Chihping Fu (Ultrailrunning Family Man (超馬阿爸)) - will listens to his injured body - stress fracture for 6 months and cold symptom after Miwok 100K

Alan Geraldi (EnduraZone) - not racing but come over-dressed for heat training?

Sean Lang (Bushido Runner) - upgrade from 50K last year and after great performance so far this year

Rajeev Patel (The Poetic Runner) - First race after helping Miwok 100K and RDing Ruth Anderson. Thank you!, I'll think of your buddy Anil Rao (Adventure Unlimited).

Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnaka) - I can see a lot of your competitors. Please beat them!

I'm excited to have the party of seeing all the ultra/trail friends over there. Then I'll think of the famous Quicksilver burger and massage during the run.

Btw, Quicksilver reminds me when the Thuesday leader Eric Belden first introduced me and Yuki Negoro, プロフィール this run back in 2004. We were so nervous about running 50K on hills when our longest distance was only a Marathon. To me, the training run with Eric and Yuki over Rancho San Antonio got me a taste of trail running. In the 50K, I was actually amazed that I was able to keep moving after the Marathon distance. Since then, both me and Yuki have got addicted to ultra/trail (ultrail?) running.

Good luck our Ultraholics and all the friends I'll see tomorrow!


Tiny Seal said...

Where stress fracture? Get well soon!


Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Thanks "tiny seal" :-)

I thought no one will visit my blog since I have not updated it for "months". I appreciate your comment.

My stress fracture is at pubic bone, probably too much impact at the later miles in some 100 milers. Rest or reduced training did help, but the Miwok 100K last Sat erased a little of the rest :-(

I'll take care of myself in Quicksilver tomorrow. Even DNF is fine with me.

Want to come over?


Ron said...

Hi Chihping,

Glad to see you finished at Quicksilver. Hopefully, you are still feeling healthy. Are you ready for another race this coming weekend??

I checked out your Quicksilver pictures already - lots of runners there! It seemed like I missed a runner's party by doing the Lake Merritt run instead! I thought of you guys still running in San Jose while I was relaxing on a blanket in the sun by the lake.

The Lake Merritt 6 hour run was great. It's a low-key, well organized event. It was a beautiful day (maybe a touch warmer than perfect running conditions, but just a great day for being outdoors). For a guy like me with a marathon mindset, this was a long, long run [about 90 minutes longer than I've ever run before!] I made the 40 mile target with several minutes to spare - I came across the start/finish checkpoint at 5:55. They told me I could run another one of the small (.7 mile) loops, but it wouldn't count if I didn't make it back before 6:00:00. Needless to say, I didn't bother :-)

After plenty of second places, it's nice to be the winner (even if the number of runners was pretty small :-)) As an added bonus - someone told me I now hold the course record! [A surprise to me, but, keep in mind - this is only the second year! ]

Thanks again for the vote of confidence!


Tiny Seal said...

Chihping, hopefully Quicksilver went fine? You must rest your injury until you heal completely, there will be plenty of reruns of these races in future to attempt. If you race these distances without healing completely, things can get chronic.

Sorry couldnt make it to Quicksilver to watch. i had a swim race in san mateo the same day.