Monday, February 12, 2007

070211 土狼坡 - 鐵馬行 (Bike at Coyote Hills)

奇奇想要和孵蛋的鴨媽媽交朋友, 但反遭怒目白眼

Nathan tries to make friends with a hatching duck, but she seems mad at him.

奇奇騎車涉水, 樂在其中

Nathan enjoys ridiing bike crossing water.

終於找到一塊荒地, 把家中過期的綠豆灑下, 下次再過來看

We find a piece of land to plant beans.

經過了歐隆尼保護地, 誤闖入可要罰鍰與監禁, 特在警示牌前拍照, 應該還好吧!

We take a picture in front of the Ohlone Shellmound. Trespassing can be fined and put into jail!

遠方兩公里處的山腳下, 就是訪客中心與博物館, 努力騎吧!

Two Km away at the foothill are a visitor center and a museum.

溼地水塘, 候鳥群集

Migrating fowls love marsh land

經過一溼地水塘, 兄妹倆合影留念

Two kids in front of a march land pond.

早就瞧見山坡成片的羊群, 就先去看看, 有數百隻呢! 這是他們除草的好主意

Hurry to see the sheep. There are hundreds of them. What a smart idea of maintaining the grass land!

近近地瞧, 羊妹妹可是攀岩高手呢!

Sheep are wonderful rock climbers!

看完羊後, 就往回一路下坡騎去博物館吧!

Now it's time to go back downhill all the way to the museum!


Kids in front of the Ohlone living model


Angelica in front of the Marshland model


Angelica hugs the OWL.


Nathan and Angelica feel the snake.


Nathan in front of an Ohlone canoe made of straws.

回程時, 順道興起來玩攀岩

Rock climbing on our way back.

路線崎嶇陡峭, 得手腳並用

Steep rocky trail

終於到了此地的 "大霸尖山" 的山腳下

Get to the climb start.


Working on the level 3 climbing.

太危險了, 老爸自己來, 兄妹自行做田野研究

Too dangerous, Dad goes and have kids do "field work".

終於爬上去了, 從腳底往下看倆兄妹

Finally get to the top and look down.

好了, 回去還得爬下去呢!

Let's go home and crawl down.

弦弦好不容易自己爬上一塊大岩石, 可是, 奇奇久久爬不上去, 最後還擦傷了腿呢!

Angelica climbs up a rock, but Nathan has difficulty and scratches his leg.


Tiny Seal said...

Very cute pictures! i see that you are getting them started on all things outdoors at a young age :-)

Hope all is well. Whats your next race?

i am seeing a new (third) doc for my knee next week. Maybe she'll have a miracle cure :-)

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Thanks, "tiny seal"! It's time for us to do some adventures and they love it!

Just signed up Sequoia this afternoon. It is a 50K this Sat.

Seems that you have been bothered by the knee issues. Hope you get well this time.