Sunday, December 3, 2006

Challenges in 2007 and Western States Lottery

I wrote up the challenges in 2007 as shown on the calendar at the lefthand side of this blog. I'd like to do more 100 milers (up to TEN 100 milers), including the Western States 100 Miles. I have done my first two 100 milers this year - TRT and RDL. My times are not fantasic, but I have been learning from those mistakes. I believe I can run slowly and still finish a 100 miler with strong will. Then I had an idea for 2007 - do Grand Slam, Last Great Races, Western Slam, and California Slam in one year. These slam series all center at WS100.

There are over 1000 WS100 applicants this year fighting for about 400 slots. The WS100 lottery results is now final (on 12/2/06). Not to be optimistic about these numbers, it turned out to reflect its even lower chance to get in. Excluding the guaranteed entries from top ten male/female finishers, foreign entries, two-time losers, etc, the chance was generally predicted to be about 25%. Lower chance to get in these years also contributes more two-time losers, which further lowers the chance. I believe it's getting more difficult to be picked up in coming years!

In our case, 20% is not boasting because only Yuki Negoro out of five of us (Thuesday ultrarunners) is in. Congratulations to Yuki, a two time winner! I paced Yuki this year. I was glad to be part of his crew team. It was a wonderful trip. So I'll be happy to become his pacer again if he needs me next year - I need to learn some Japanese conversations/jokes for the night time :-)

Now I become a two-time loser. The "good" news is I'll have a guaranteed entry for 2008 - hope they won't change this policy. I'll pass out if they decide to use three time loser to promote the chance. Next year, I won't need to rub rabbit feet, pick 4 leaf clovers, wish upon the first star every night, and neither think about the tricky way of using my foreign address in Taiwan to enter as a foriener entrant. However, I actually desire to run for Taiwan and see my National flag at the start/finish area.

Perhaps running ultra's has helped me set up positive thinking. I thought about removing most of the 100 milers from my race calendar since I won't be able to do any "slams" at all without WS100. At the end, I still keep them. Doing a "slam" is not really important, what matters is to enjoy these beautiful 100 milers and learn the gists of ultrarunning. I may still run some of them and enjoy, while staying with my family more. I hope one more year of ultrarunning in 2007 will help me in better shape - better chance to complete the challenges in 2008!

Before the lottery date last week, my "lucky" friend thought about a backup plan - running Hardrock 100 miles instead. Thank you, it turns out to be mine. I start to consider this option even though HR100 is the toughest 100 miler in USA!


anil said...

You are the man Chihping.

2006 you showed your Class by running 9-10 ultra's back to back weekends, you are a athelete with unique potential.

I hope the best for you in 2007.

Goodluck on all races planned. I will see you in some of them.

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (RunningYam) said...

Thanks to Anil for positive vibes.

I look forward to seeing you in many races next year.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.