Sunday, December 31, 2006

Races in 2007

I wrote up my 2007 race plan long ago, but finally posted it here when I started my blog weeks ago. Now it's time to put down some notes about them.


I'll start my training in mid-Jan when my families are back (I'm homeschooling my son now). I'd like to do some 30-40 mile training run on Onlone Wilderness Trail, while my friends Catra Corbett and Jerry working on HURT.

02/03 Woodside 50K
02/17 Sequoia 50K

These two are my favorite runs. They are nice courses and convenient - only 30 min drive from my home. I can use them as a warmup for the season and also meet other ultrarunners. Perhaps I can see Scott Dunlap, Brian Wyatt (the hippie runner), Clement Choy, Yuki Negoro, Shige Takada, etc.

03/03 Palo Alto Vista Trail Marathon
03/** Trail work for Wasatch Front 100M and Angeles Crest 100M
03/31 Ruth Anderson 100K (80%) or Pony Express 100K (20%)

Not many runners in this trail marathon in the past, so I might be able to get some prize to show off when I come home :-)

Two similar 100K settings, Ruth Anderson 100K and Pony Express 100K, happen on the same date, so I have to choose one. I ran Ruth Anderson 100K in 2006, so I desire to run Pony Express 100K this time. Also it's the first race in the Fuelbelt series, which I won the age division in 2006. The problem is it is too far - 3 hour drive each way. Unless I can find a ride, I'll still do Ruth Anderson 100K. Hopefully I can finish 100K.

This is probably the only window that I don't have many races and am able to do final training and perform trail work requirements for Wasatch Front 100M or Angeles Crest 100M.

04/14 American River 50M
04/28 Diablo 50M Endurance Run

Every year, April and May is my (sub-100 mile) ultra season. The races normally come week after week. I still do American River 50M and would like to make it under 8 hours this time. The other is Diablo 50M Endurance Run. I signed up in 2006, but could not do it because of the date conflict. This is a tough one (27,000 ft altitude changes), but can be a test or taste for coming even tougher challenges. I found people usually have 30 min faster than Miwok 100K, so hopefully I can run 10 hr 30 min in Diablo 50M Endurance Run when I plan to run Miwok 100K under 11 hours.

05/05 Miwok 100K
05/12 Quicksilver 50M
05/19 Silver State 50M
05/20 Ohlone Wilderness 50K

Miwok 100K, Quicksilver 50M, and Ohlone Wilderness 50K are the races I don't want to miss. Everyone is a unique experience. I also consider Silver State 50M in Reno. Despite its 20,000ft changes in altitude, it looks like a wonderful course. However, it falls on the day before Ohlone Wilderness 50K. I'm not sure if I can make up the travel or whether my body can handle these back to back tough ultra's, but I still keep a little faith. With the thought of our Ohlone ultrarunners, Catra Corbett, Joe, and Mylinh running 100 miles on the Onlone course at the same time, I should have less whine.

06/02 Old Dominion 100M
06/21 Oracle 5K
06/23 Western States 100M (safety, crew, pacing)

The 100 miler season now begins. I'd like to try Old Dominion 100M, although I don't run any ultrra slam series like Last Great Races this year due to the WS100 lottery. It's my favorite point-to-point course and on the scenic Massanutten Mountains or Shenandoah National Park. I have got everything ready, but need to have my wife's approval.

Oracle 5K is my traditional fun run with Thuesday friends in Oracle Corporation. I've got to do it and, yeah, collect the T-shirt!

Although I don't get in Western States 100M, I want to participate the great event as much as possible. I signed up the safety patrol for the first 29 mile section - Squawl Valley to Robinson Flat. I should be able to easily finish the job by 2pm, take a rest, and pace/crew my friend Yuki Negoro later (starting 8pm from Michigan Bluff or Foresthill School), who is so lucky to get in two years in row.

07/** Run JMT or Hike East Sierra
07/21 Tahoe Rim Trail 100M

I'd like to do Tahoe Rim Trail 100M again after finishing it in 2006 as my first 100 miler. This year, many will have their frist 100 miler there - Scott Dunlap, Peter Lubber (winning Lake Tahoe Super Triple in 2006), Alan Geraldi (an Ironman and fast runner), Anil Rao, etc. A group of Ultraholics, including myself, will have a party - from 50K to 100M!

I had a little altitude issue in 2006, so I plan to do some altitude acclimatization over Sierra Nevada - Run JMT or Hike East Sierra before Tahoe Rim Trail 100M.

08/04 Burning River 100M
08/11 Cool Night 12hr
08/18 Leadville 100M
08/26 Redwood 50K

I finally signed up Burning River 100M yesterday. It's an inaugural 100 miler. Again, the course is my favorite point-to-point and looks like another pretty one, so I don't want to miss it. However, I might have to cancel my plan to visit families in Taiwan. Perhaps I can schedule the trip at the end of the year when there are no races around.

Cool Night 12hr looks like fun and will be my first try on the timed run - shouldn't be boring on the 9 mile trail loop. Redwood 50K is a nice run near my home (30 min drive), so I'd like to do it whenever I can.

Since my friend Alan Geraldi mentioned Leadville 100M as a substitute for Western States 100M, I would like to try this - running at high altitude. It can be a training or acclimatization for Wasatch Front 100M three weeks later. However, I need to settle the travel cost because it seems more expensive going Leadville.

09/08 Wasatch Front 100M (85%) or Stevens Creek 50K (15%)
09/15 Angeles Crest 100M
09/22 Rio Del Lago 100M

Wasatch Front 100M is my target run in 2007. It is very challenging (53,000 ft altitude changes) with stunning beautiful course. If I win the lottery, I hate but have to skip Stevens Creek 50K for this year, where I enjoyed a few creek crossings. Hope they are not on the same weekend next time. Rio Del Lago 100M is a nice one, but don't treat it as an easy one. After I finished it in 2006, I had a conclusion - There is no easy 100 miler! It's the closest 100 miler to my area (2.5 hour drive) so I'd like to do it again.

In between, I schedule Angeles Crest 100M. I'm not like Catra Corbett who runs 100 milers week by week, but I am purely attracted by the beautiful and challenging course. Unfortunately, it may approach my wife's limit on the number of days away from home, so I probably cancel it. Since I'll be in Western States 100M in 2008 (two time loser), I'll run Angeles Crest 100M regardlessly as part of a couple of ultra slam series.

10/06 Dick Collin's Firetrail 50M
10/13 Lake of the Sky 33M
10/14 Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon
10/20 Skyline Ridge 50K
10/28 Silicon Valley Marathon

Dick Collin's Firetrail 50M has wonderful course of varieties and is also nearby, so I just do it every time. I'd like to try a few marathons every year, so Silicon Valley Marathon is my top choice.

Skyline Ridge 50K is a good one but I'll try to overcome the climb on the winding road to the race start. I may want to try Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon and join the festival. It got a lot of good comments this year.

Lake of the Sky 33M runs on the Tahoe Rim Trail - from Tahoe City to Brockway Summit and back. This part of the trail is pretty. This race is also in Fuelbelt series. If I feel good in winning the series, I'll consider doing it.

11/03 San Francisco One Day
11/10 Helen Klein 50M
11/24 Quad Dipsea

Not sure if I dare to try the 24 hr in San Francisco One Day, but the 12hr should be doable. A week after, I'd like to run Helen Klein 50M to see if I can improve on the "flat" bike path or have a win in Fuelbelt series. Perhaps my family can come with me like 2006 and we'll be in the same mood of racing :-) I'd like to do Quad Dipsea only when I can drive that far to Marin County, but the race should be fun.

12/01 Woodside 50K
12/02 California International Marathon

No doubt I'll do Woodside 50K. I'll see if I can take California International Marathon as well. The course is fast and the race is famous, but I have not had chance to run it because of its long drive. Hope I can find a solution this time. If I'm in good speeding shape, maybe I can get qualified for Boston Marathon in 2008.


hippie runner said...



Chihping Fu 傅治平 (RunningYam) said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for stopping by.

You have been running faster this year. Your doing sub-5 hr for 50K is beyond my limit, but it's always to be a pleasure to chat with you for a while before you speed away from me. This year I promise to stay close with you :-)


Rajeev Char said...

Your race schedule is UN-BEE-LEE-VA-BAL!!!
Fantastic stuff Chihping...Looks like you, Rajeev P, Anil, Alan etc. are going to have a great time meeting at all the runs...I'll be there to cheer/support you all at the RDL 100.

Best of luck for 2007!

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (RunningYam) said...


No doubt, we'll have a blast with your support team. Thanks,

In the meantime, you may swim in Lake Tahoe while we're out there at TRT.


Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Chihping,
What an incredible schedule!
I bookmarked your blog.
All the best with all your races. I look forward to seeing you on some of them (Pony Express?, TRT100)

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (RunningYam) said...

Hi Pete,

Thanks for your comments.

It seems that I'll do Ruth Anderson instead of Pony Express to save some driving. Yes, I'll see you at TRT100. Who else can accomplish Tahoe triple, Tahoe Super Triple, and now TRT100?

I still remember and appreciate that you gave me a ride from Carson City to the race start in 2006 so I could camp there for the night before the 100 miler. Thank again.

If any chance, welcome to Bay Area for some great trail runs. Look forward to seeing you there.

Best to you and your family,


Tiny Seal said...

Amazing lineup, Chihping! Wish you all the very best! Looking forward to reading the race reports..

Mark Tanaka said...

Congrats on your blog, Chihping. Even assuming you're going to have to drop several of your races for domestic-political reasons, I'm still jealous. Will see you out there several times and/or look forward to your reports.

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (RunningYam) said...

Hi Tiny Seal,

Thanks for stopping by. I'll check your blog and find out your adventure in water.


Chihping Fu 傅治平 (RunningYam) said...

Hi Tanaka,

Thanks for your comments.

You're right! I have dropped some races so far :-) The right column on my blog has my latest.

I look forwrad to seeing you blast in many races!